Ian Jukes Blog Review: 5 Modern Skills Teachers Need

The 5 Biggest Skills Modern Teachers Need Link

Ian Jukes posted an article by Edudemic on his blog. He states that the five qualities that John Perkins, from Edudemic speaks about in this article are a must for teachers in the 21st century.  He begins the article by stating that there are only basic requirements for hiring a teacher; a teaching certificate, degree and background check. He goes on to say that the most modern teachers go beyond their degree and develop some other important skills. The first skill he talks about is diplomacy. He states that teachers must be delicate, but firm when dealing with students, parents and administrators. He also states that great teachers must be both a mentor and guide to students, exemplifying the skill of leadership. He states that teachers must also have great organizational skills, being able to stick to a schedule and change direction son the fly. Life saving skills are another essential skill according to John Perkins (Note: He is a marketing manager for OnlineCPRCertification.net.) The final skill teachers should have in the 21st century is the ability to learn, meaning that the learning process should never stop.

I found this article to be quite interesting. I can definitely see how all of these skills are a must for 21st century teachers. I agree with Ian Jukes’s comment that these five qualities are a must for every teacher in the digital age. The biggest criticism I have regarding this article by John Perkins is the fact that he states that many schools only have basic requirements for hiring a teacher. I really don’t think it’s as simple to become a teacher as Mr. Perkin’s makes it sound. I can speak from experience regarding the hiring process, whereas I am not so sure that Mr. Perkin’s, a marketing manager for OnlineCPRCertification.net, can, since he is not a teacher and has never been hired by a school board.

All that being said, Mr. Perkins is correct in stating that 21st century teachers must constantly strive to continually develop the 5 qualities he talks about in his article. There is no doubt that educators should strive to be lifelong learners, adapting to the needs and learning styles of their students.

On another note, you have probably noticed that 3 of my lasts posts relate to Ian Jukes’s Blog. Ian Jukes is a teacher, administrator, consultant, writer and keynote speaker. He is also the director of the 21st Century Fluency Project, and I have had the honour of hearing him speak live and his words resonated with me in a very deep way. He is an enormous supporter of 21st century learning, and he even has his own Twitter account, where he constantly posts great articles/resources/blogs for anybody interested in 21st century learning. He can be followed on Twitter @ijukes. Since I have heard him speak live and follow him on Twitter, I had a natural bias towards many of his resources. I thought it would be appropriate to explain why my last three posts have essentially come from Ian Jukes’s blog and/or Twitter account.

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