Review on Ian Jukes’s Blog: Google Drive

Google Drive: A Better Method for Student Feedback Link

This is one of Ian Jukes’ blog. The first thing he talks about is how Google Docs is now called Google Drive. He talks about how you can use Google Drive as a word processing document, and that it has most of the popular features associated with Microsoft Word. He writes that Google Drive is unique because it gives you the ability to share documents with others. This means that students can share a document with their teacher, which allows the teacher the ability to only view the document, but to make revisions or comments on it as well. Instead of emailing back and forth, the teacher can open up the Drive table of contents and make live comments and corrections. Another great thing about Google Drive is that you can track revisions and a document’s history. You can even leave voice notes to students, which is a great way to provide broad feedback.

I wanted to include this blog about Google Drive, because I believe it is a revolutionary tool that should be used in the classroom. It is a new and exciting way to provide fluid feedback to students. I also think that students tend to be more computer savvy; therefore they will be more likely to read and respond to feedback in this format. I think Google Drive is a tool that truly embraces 21st century learning.  Although it is not mentioned in this article, I also know that Google Drive can be used between students working on group assignments, facilitating collaboration. It makes things much easier for students who are not always able to meet at someone’s house when working on a group project. They can literally work together in real time.

This blog really resonated with me because I was recently introduced to Google Drive through my Technology in the Classroom Part I Course. I also presented the Google Drive application to some of my colleagues. The intermediate teachers in my school were very interested in using Google Drive when I told them about it, so I demonstrated how to use Google Drive to the students and teachers, and they were mesmerized and excited by all the great things they can do with this tool at their disposal. Most of the students have created a Google Account, and have been doing writing assignments, group or individual through Google Documents. Most of the teachers are beginning to get used to the idea of writing feedback through shared documents.  Google Drive is an enormous tool that can definitely change the way teachers provide meaningful feedback for their students, while simultaneously facilitating opportunities for creative collaboration.

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