Social Media Awareness Night


Here is a possible plan for Social Media Awareness Night. Enjoy!

Create Awareneness/ “Buzz”

The first thing I will do is speak to students about 21st century tools. I will organize a brief assembly in the school, directed to mainly students, but also teachers, talking about different technologies we would like to use in the school, including social media. I will then brainstorm (with students help), the positive uses of social media. We will also talk about the do’s/don’ts of using social media, and what can happen if the rules are broken. I will allow students to ask any questions about social media and see how many of them would love to see social media used in the school, and in what way. I will tell students that we will be having a Social Media Awareness Night very soon, so that our whole school community can embrace social media. The idea is that they will go home and tell their parents about what our school is planning to do, planting the initial seeds, so to speak.

Planning the Event

I will talk to the principal about the time and place the social media night will take place. I would strongly suggest combining this event with Curriculum Night, as this will give parents more incentive to come to the school on that day. To create even more incentive, we will also order pizza and other refreshments. (free of charge for all families)

I will also create a Media Literacy Rep Group, where two students from Grades 3 to 8 will help me create posters/advertisements in the school for this big event. They will also help me communicate with other students in the school about details of the event and what they can expect. They can also talk to students in their classes about social media tools they would like to see used in the classrooms. They can help administer surveys and questionnaires to find out what tools our school can invest in.

I will put forth great efforts in getting guest speaker Ian Jukes to come to the event. He is an educator, author and keynote speaker on the Digital Generation. If I cannot get him to come to the event, (Ian is a very busy man)I will show a video from his website Ian Jukes is an educator who argues that today’s students are in the Digital Age and learn much differently than their predecessors. This presentation will help parents understand that using social media should have a place in students’ learning, because it jives with how their brains process information.

I will also create handouts, prior to the event, so that parents have a guide handy when viewing our presentation. This guide will outline the schedule of events the day of the presentation.

Day of the Event

5:00-6:30PM: Parents will be visiting teachers for Curriculum Night.

6:30-7:00PM They will then be invited to the gymnasium for some pizza and other refreshments (lots of coffee). There will also be posters around the gym promoting the Social Media Awareness day. Students on the Media Literacy team, as well as teachers, will hand out the program for the evening, so that parents can follow along.


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