Grade 4 to 6 Media Literacy Lesson

Sports and Alcohol Advertising

Grades: 4-6

Lesson Goal: Students will become familiar with the ways companies (mainly alcohol advertisers) use athletes and sporting events to sell their products.


Success Criteria-Students will be able to:

-Identify positive qualities associated with the world of sport.

-Describe ways advertisers use sporting venues to influence consumer habits and attitudes.

-Describe how alcohol companies use sponsorship of events and athletes to promote their products.

-Demonstrate awareness of their own attitudes towards alcohol advertising.




-Chart Paper




  • The day before this lesson, students will be asked to bring a picture, piece of clothing or equipment, or artefact that is associated with their favourite team, sport or athlete.
  • Students will share these items as an intro to the lesson.
  • In groups of 4, students will write down words that describe how they feel about the athletes or teams they like. The groups will then read their words and we will write down all the common words on the blackboard.
  • With the list up on the board, we will then have a quick discussion.  I will ask:

What are some values we learn through our athletes or teams? (Connect to sport products)

Do you think advertisers like sports too? Why or why not?

When you watch TV, what are some products that you see being advertised?

Do you think that companies that sponsor big sport events and athletes are a way of advertising?


Lesson Body                   

  • Students will be taught that sponsoring is a type of advertising that is not as clear as a regular commercial. We will then discuss how companies advertise during professional sporting signs on the boards at hockey games, logos etc.
  • Do you think advertisers want young people to see ads that are actually for adults? Why or why not? Ie Kids might influence their parents to buy certain products.
  • Have you ever seen alcohol ads when watching TV? Which ones do you see advertised most often?
  • Why do you think advertisers want to see their product advertised when there is a sporting event like hockey? Tell students to remember all the positive things they had to say about their favourite athletes and teams. Explain that advertisers want to associate their products with winning teams and athletes, because they feel that the people watching (consumers) will do the same.
  • We will also discuss how many companies might use “values” that are very important to the target audience to advertise. For example, being cool, manly, feminine, trendy or a true Canadian might be a technique used by companies to reach their target audience.
  • Do you think that alcohol companies actually target youth to promote their products?? Explain to students that big alcohol companies might not directly advertise to kids, but they may hope to expose kids to their advertisements, so that when they are old enough to drink, they will hopefully choose their product.


I will then show the class 2 different commercials that are associated with hockey or being Canadian.



Molson Canadian-“The Canadians”


The class will once again be split up into 4 groups and will brainstorm and list

Different techniques used in each commercial to get people to buy their product. ie: Don Cherry was used in the first commercial as a celebrity endorsement. Many Canadians look up to him. It also shows a lot of men, united in their love for “Bubba” beer. This is a “jump on the bandwagon” persuasion strategy, directly targeting men.

The second commercial paints Canadians as people who are fun-loving and respected around the world. Everywhere they go, they leave an impression, and it just so happens that these Canadians associate their partying with Molson Canadian Beer.


After viewing and discussing the two Molson Canadian commercials, students will respond to the following survey questions:


1)      Do you think young people realize they are being advertised to when companies use sports to promote their products?  Circle one. (All do    Most do   Some do   Very few do None do)

2)      Please list at least 5 attributes beer companies want consumers to relate to their beers?

3)      Should adult products such as beer, which is harmful to kids, be allowed to be advertised on TV during sporting events? Explain why or why not.

4)      Do you think youth can actually be influences by these commercials?

(All People    Most People    Some People    Few People    Nobody)

5)      Did any part of these ads appeal to you? Which parts appealed the most?



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