Sample 21st Century Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The 21st century is well underway and this means that we need to stay relevant to all the students we teach.  Technology has actually transformed our society, and this transformation includes the students we teach. As a school, we understand that this societal change means that we must also change to adapt to the needs of all our students. Our goal is to integrate technological tools with core curriculum expectations so that our students will remain active and excited to learn. We also want our students to communicate, present and produce their work in a variety of ways. These tools will also give students opportunity to think critically, be creative and collaborative.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you that with your permission, we will be providing students with a Google account/email address. With this Google account, students will have access to a variety of tools. Students will be able to email questions to the teacher and other students. They will also be able to save Google Documents on the Google Drive application, where anybody with the link can access and comment on the file. There will be no need to print documents and waste paper and ink. They will be able to create Google Presentations and work with others on these presentations from home. As you can see, the benefits of leveraging Google technology into the classroom are endless.


As you know, with the ever increasing access and power to use technology, students must be responsible for their actions when using it. Students’ Google accounts must only be used for educational purposes. If students are found to be using technology for inappropriate purposes, they will lose all privileges to use the technology at school and will be disciplined accordingly.  There are many actions that would qualify as inappropriate, but here are a few actions that would be deemed inappropriate: cyberbullying another student in any way, hacking into another account, illegally downloading or posting personal information, going into unauthorized/inappropriate sites. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the school.




Mr. Porcaro





I ________________________, give permission for my son/daughter _____________________ to create and use a Google Account for the purpose of using Gmail, Google Documents, Google Presentations and all other learning tools associated with a Google account. I also understand that if my son/daughter uses this technology for inappropriate purposes, they will face disciplinary action, which may include loss of access to all technology-based learning tools.


Parent Signature: _________________________

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